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Eco Mining’s mission is to create the financial infrastructure of the future. We build crypto-financial infrastructure based on Bitcoin, the most robust and secure blockchain. Applying cutting-edge cryptography and security engineering, we’re building the technology that makes financial markets more efficient by reducing reliance on trust. With a long-term outlook on delivering robust and scalable solutions, we invest heavily in research and development to strengthen the Bitcoin ecosystem and protocol.

Peer-to-peer, open-network finance holds the promise to change the world for the benefit of all. Eco Mining is proud to be making this a reality.

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Miner management services

Eco Mining can do the complete or partial management of your mining farm. Don’t want to be bothered with the daily tasks? Such as checking your miners, restarting your miners if necessary, checking a miner on-site in case of problems, repairing broken miners, monitoring the temperatures, checking the hashrates, etc… ?

We are happy to take these tasks off your hands so that your mining farm runs optimally. We provide the necessary reporting so that you have a perfect picture of what is happening.

It is very convenient that you can purchase a contract without limiting the time of work. Thanks to this, I made good money, almost a year has passed since I acquired the contract. He has already paid for himself and is working in plus for more than $500. Regards, Joseph.

Joseph Brin

Good cloud mining, connected in September, has already recaptured half the cost of the contract. Payments are always on time, fast payouts, all is well!

Ralph Woters

Eco Mining is real cloud mining service. They really pays to costumers. Technical support chat is always available for asking any questions. In my opinion they provide good service.

Ronda Wilson

Awesome Team

Lawrence Lee
Senior Software Engineer
Linda Bellor
Social Media
Frank Marshall
Tech Operation
Jonathan Fogelman
Logistics Manager
Henry Mangold
SEO Specialist
George Elliott
Human Resources
Ray Winstone
Front-end Developer
Douglas Bennett
Senior Developer
Michael Williams
UX Team Lead
Mark Stewart
General Director
Margaret Owen
Marketing & PR
Denis Fortlen
Blockchain Expert

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